What are the best types of hair extensions?

1. Premium Hair quality

First, don't settle for low quality hair extensions that dry out or fall out after only a few wears. Many hair companies legally market their hair as 100% real human hair when really only 50%-70% of the hair is human hair and the rest is animal hair or synthetics. At hairrs, we guarantee all of the hair is ethically sourced, Remy+ grade, cuticle aligned 100% real human hair. You can bleach, dye, and heat them just like your own hair. 
Virgin grade

1.1 Best quality hair ----Virgin grade

Virgin hair refers to human hair comes from one single donor's ponytail that has not been permed, colored treated, dyed, bleached, steam-treated, or gone through any other chemical processing, the donor could be Indian,Vietnamese , Chinese,European etc. All the cuticles in virgin hair are preserved and have to be intact and face to the same direction. (But when you choose to buy virgin hair in colors, it will still need dyed processing)

It can stay at least 2 years and looks more natural with minimum sedding. To be honest, purchasing such virgin hair can be quite an investment, if you're seeking a unit that can maintain and keep for a long period then virgin hair would be the best option.

Remy grade

1.2 The most cost-effective choice----Remy grade

Remy hair is regarded as the sencond finest quality of human hair. To keep the cuticles in the proper direction, Remy human hair is usually cut from ponytails and went through basic slightly processing. Still more than 70% cuticles are preserved. The natural look and feel of hair extensions is ensured by aligning and keeping the hair cuticles in a unilateral orientation with a natural appearance, feel, and texture comparable to your own hair. Remy hair extensions will last to 1year or more, as long as you look after them properly.

2. Choose by Applying methods

2.1 Ready to wear type ( Easy applying by yourself )
2.1.1 Clip-in Hair Extensions
Clip in hair extensions are the most flexible convenient type of hair extensions. You can apply them yourself in couple of minutes by using exquisite clips to secure the piece of hair to your scalp. No glue, no fusion, can put it on or take it off at any time you want. You can even adjust your head shape with place the hair pieces in different zone.


2.1.2 Invisible Halo Hair Extensions
Halo hair extensions is the least efforts needed application hair. Halo hair extensions is almost invasive to your hair roots. A transparent wire sits around the crown of the head like a halo. The bottom half contains the hair, while the top half remains bare so it can be easily hidden under your own hair. Since they aren't secured to any stands, there's less weight pulling on your natural locks, and it's super easy to do yourself.


2.1.3 Wrap Around Ponytails
Wrap Around Ponytails Hair Extensions offer a instantly glow up look in your daily life effortlessly.The quickest and easiest way to achieve the ultimate ponytail is with a wrap around ponytail extension. Add instant length, volume, and style to your hair in minutes. Just tie your hair as a ponytail and insert the clip, use the hair strands to wrap it up, secure with bobby pin.


2.2 Prefessional Salon Hair Extensions
2.2.1 Tape in Hair Extensions
Tape-ins are the most efficient and seamless method of semi-permanent hair extensions, these are arguably the best tape-in hair extensions available. Can last between 3 to 9 months. Thanks to the discreet and lightweight tape adhesive tabs, they are quick to install, easy to remove, and fast to reapply. The extensions are secured by sandwiching the tape between strands of your natural hair and more flexible to adjust your hairstyle.


2.2.2 I-tips hair (Kerantin Bond)
I-tips hair are a favorite in the salon! The hair bond is made of kerantin which can be used for both hot glue and cold micro-beaded installations.These extensions will provide your clients with natural movement and a lightweight feel. No one can tell the difference even if they see it closely.


2.2.3 Micro loop hair extensions
Micro loop hair extensions is one of the most popular methods of attachment for hair extensions. Micro rings are small tube rings that hair extensions are threaded through, along with some of your own hair. Once they have been positioned correctly the micro rings are clamped into place, securing the hair extensions to your hair. Our micro rings are lined with a fine silicone layer in order to ensure slippage is minimized.

Based on your own needs you can choose different type of hair extensions, if you are looking for daily hair change that can easily changed by yourself, check our ready to wear type of hair extensions. If you are seeking for semi-permanent hair extensions, please check proffesional salon hair extensions.