Easy 4steps to choose your human hair extensions

human hair extensions

Choose the Color

If you are looking for natural-looking of your hair, the hair extensions better stay in the range of one shape up or down from your natural color, when you apply them, they will blend in nicely. Even if the shade is slightly different on one shade up or down, it can show a little bit of dimension to your hair and also add some low lights or natural highlights in it. it still looks natural and gives you a beautiful overall look. All of the colors that we provide have multi-dimensional tones.

If you are looking for a unique color for your hair, message us, by doing customize ordering colors, we have all the colors you want. If you are hesitant with color choices, you can always ask us, we will try our best to give you  recommendations.

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human hair extensions


If your hair is short, like a blunt cut or a Bob cut. You're going to need a lot of hair to fill in space the secret of hair extensions is the weight. Weight stands for the sickness and grams of the different sets. So for example, we provide different grams full sets for different products, from 100 grams to 200+ grams. Take 100 grams and 200 grams as an example, 200 grams is much thicker than 100 grams. So if you want natural long hair, you're going to need 200 grams to set the thickness. But please do remember, when the length is different, like 18'' and 20'', 200 grams will seem thicker in 18''. So if you are searching for fuller hair you may need more than 200 grams in 20''.

human hair extensions

How long would I want my hair to be

what you have to do is decide what you want the result to be. when you are thinking about the length for extensions, if you want to buy extensions just for volume, or if you wanted a really drastic change and add a lot of lengths, this is the thing you have to think about. So the first step when you're trying to figure out the exact interests that you need to buy is to measure your hair, so you can see the difference that you will be buying (apply for most hair extensions). The measuring way will be like this, the first thing you have to do is find your temples. And run your fingers back until they meet, and then you find the center of the back of your head, The reason why we are finding the center is that this point is where your extensions will be lying. so from that point to measure where your hair ends.
If you were looking for just a subtle change or add the volume only make sure that you don't buy extensions that are more than three inches longer than your own hair.

human hair extensions

If you do want a drastic change in length, make sure that you get at least four or five inches longer so that you can play along with the length typically through any extensions.

No matter what's the original length, you might get them trained or cut into your haircut, we suggest putting hair extensions right into your hair so they will blend in nicely into your own haircut and nobody will able to tell the difference.

human hair extensions

What's the better hair extension method for me

Out of all application methods, microbeads, tape-ins, fusion,clip-in hair extensions are the safest, and fastest way to get longer, thicker hair. 

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