Silk Base-- Most realistic in the market!

Silk Base also is also known as Silk Top. Being considered the most realistic base of Wig/Topper, it is made of two different layers, silk fabric layer, and diamond net cover. All hair knots are hand-tied through the top layer, and covered by the bottom layer. Which provides an invisible and realistic skin tone look. When you are wearing it, it gives the appearance that the hair is coming from your own scalp, there's no need to conceal or hide the knots. Although due to the layer design, it might be slightly warmer and less breathable than lace and mono base.

Mono Base-- Most popular choice!

Mono Base is the most popular choice of Base. Individual hair is tied to a fine mesh material that both light and air could pass through. The Mono Base can demonstrate the look of natural hair growth and allows free and movable hair parting. Mono bases are also extremely durable with a long lifespan. Since Mono Base has only one layer, it can lay totally flat on your scalp. Although it might not as breathable as the Lace Base, due to the weave of mono base material being tighter than the lace.

LACE BASE-- Most breathable and natural hairline

Lace Base features a lace material with individual hair tied to the base, which can be a great choice to offer the front hairline simulates look. Due to the lace materials being well-spaced with large pores, they are very lightweight and breathable - perfect for hot days! Being the other side of the coin is that hair knots can be visible around the hair parting line. However, the knots are less visible when the knots have been bleached or the hair topper is a light color.